Friday, January 19, 2007

This Week: The Music of Serena Matthews

This is a very special week for Weekly Mobile Goodies - for two reasons:

1) The mobile site has been moved to a long-term home:

The new address:
Most recent phones can leave out the '/wml' at the end and just go to:

2) The new site provides the opportunity to provide more advanced content than just images, and this week we kick off the new site with some excellent music.

It's a very exciting honor for me and this site to be allowed to offer you in 4 different file formats the music of critically acclaimed Lost Cat Records recording artist Serena Matthews. If you haven't heard Serena's songs, you should. She accomplishes more with just a guitar and her voice than many performers can with a large band and fancy studio production. She's a modern, talented songwriter, but there's something about her music which evokes the Appalachia of a bygone era.

You can find the 3 songs offered this week, plus details about the 4 different formats in which it's offered, on this page.

Note that these songs are under copyright and are not offered under the Creative Commons license, but they are made available here free of charge.


Jerry Jodice said...

Hey, thanks for recognizing the genius of Serena Matthews. She is a very special performer and we are privileged to be associated with her.

Jerry Jodice
Lost Cat Records

123fun said...

You're welcome, Jerry. It's not that difficult to recognize. I've been a fan for 4 or 5 years now.

Thanks for visiting the blog.