Monday, March 26, 2007

This week's (slightly delayed) theme: Rainbows

This week we have more solar-generated color for your phone. What could be more colorful than a rainbow?

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Over Wicklow, Ireland

Over Wicklow, Ireland -- from Flickr user jaqian
License: Attribution

In San Jose, CA

In San Jose, CA -- from Flickr user AlexPears
License: Attribution/Share-Alike

Over Sylt, Germany

Over Sylt, Germany -- from Flickr user temporalata
License: Attribution/Share-Alike

Just a rainbow

Just a rainbow -- from Flickr user yettis doings
License: Attribution/Share-Alike

Over Rome, Italy

Over Rome, Italy -- from Flickr user Cha Tox
License: Attribution/Share-Alike

Over Havant, in Hampshire, England

Over Havant, in Hampshire, England -- from Flickr user RTPeat
License: Attribution/Share-Alike

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