Saturday, January 26, 2008


It may be the root of all evil, but who doesn't want any? This week you can enrich your phone with some of the most widely accepted currencies in the world.

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20 Pound Hologram

20 Pound Hologram -- from Flickr user austinevan
License: Attribution

20 dollar bills

20 dollar bills -- from Flickr user Unhindered by Talent
License: Attribution/Share-Alike

2 Euro Coin

2 Euro Coin -- from Flickr user ul Marga
License: Attribution

Currency Symbol Pretzels

Currency Symbol Pretzels -- from Flickr user oskay
License: Attribution

Coin Stack

Coin Stack -- from Flickr user Jeff Belmonte
License: Attribution

In God We Trust

In God We Trust -- from Flickr user kevindooley
License: Attribution

Euro Bills

Euro Bills -- from Flickr user maesejose
License: Attribution

Money Origami

Money Origami -- from Flickr user KateMonkey
License: Attribution

Folded-Over 5 Euro Bill

Folded-Over 5 Euro Bill -- from Flickr user Henry.
License: Attribution/Share-Alike

Lots of Dollars

Lots of Dollars -- from Flickr user Tracey O
License: Attribution/Share-Alike

Euro Sign

Euro Sign -- from Flickr user Ozchin
License: Attribution/Share-Alike

5 Euro Hologram

5 Euro Hologram -- from Flickr user spacepleb
License: Attribution

Some Serious Benjamins

Some Serious Benjamins -- from Flickr user AMagill
License: Attribution

Chinese Coins

Chinese Coins -- from Flickr user Brad & Sabrina
License: Attribution

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin -- from Flickr user Tracy O
License: Attribution/Share-Alike

P.S. - Starting this week, the images in the posts here are larger. The same 4 sizes are still available, but by putting the largest size images on the blog, it will be easier for mobile feed adaption sites (for example, - try it on your mobile phone or your browser) to provide the right image size.

P.P.S. - If you're unhappy because your country's currency is not included in this post, please leave a link to a public domain photo of your country's currency in the comments. If enough comments are added, there could be another money post with photos suggested by the readers.

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