Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spirals, Recursion, and Math - Part 1

This week we have part 1 of a 2-part series on mathematically-inspired shapes and images, such as recursion, fractals and spirals.

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Parisian Spirals

Parisian Spirals -- from Flickr user Mzelle Biscotte
License: Attribution/Share-Alike


Fractals -- from Flickr user SantaRosa OLD SKOOL
License: Attribution

Recursive Legs

Recursive Legs -- from Flickr user Cirofono
License: Attribution

Recursive Daisy

Recursive Daisy -- from Flickr user gadl
License: Attribution/Share-Alike

Green Spiral Staircase

Green Spiral Staircase -- from Flickr user Ksionic
License: Attribution/Share-Alike

Fractal Streamers

Fractal Streamers -- from Flickr user edwin_young
License: Attribution

Spiral on the Beach

Spiral on the Beach -- from Flickr user Jef Poskanzer
License: Attribution


HTML DOM Graph -- from Flickr user Haiko
License: Attribution

Fun with Godel Escher Bach

Fun with Godel Escher Bach -- from Flickr user gadl
License: Attribution/Share-Alike

Indra's Pearls / Doyle Spirals

Indra's Pearls / Doyle Spirals -- from Flickr user fdecomite
License: Attribution

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