Saturday, May 31, 2008


This week we have photos related to rain. Enjoy, and try to keep dry...

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Raindrops on Car

Raindrops on Car -- from Flickr user exfordy
License: Attribution


Window -- from Flickr user Shahram Sharif
License: Attribution

Fountain at the Louvre

Fountain at the Louvre -- from Flickr user bachmont
License: Attribution

Freesia in the Rain

Freesia in the Rain -- from Flickr user John-Morgan
License: Attribution

Trocadero, 1989

Trocadero, 1989 -- from Flickr user kla4067
License: Attribution

Wet Web

Wet Web -- from Flickr user MR+G
License: Attribution

Rule Britannia

Rule Britannia -- from Flickr user malias
License: Attribution


Ripples -- from Flickr user tanakawho
License: Attribution

Crossing the Street

Crossing the Street -- from Flickr user Shahram Sharif
License: Attribution


Mirror -- from Flickr user DownTown Pictures
License: Attribution


Leaf -- from Flickr user peasap
License: Attribution


Umbrella -- from Flickr user Thiru Murugan
License: Attribution

Puddle Portrait

Puddle Portrait -- from Flickr user striatic
License: Attribution/Share-Alike

Daisy Raindrop

Daisy Raindrop -- from Flickr user aussigall
License: Attribution

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